Best Skin care Routine ever

The sequence of a Great Skincare Routine:

A great skin care routine has the following elements followed in a systematic sequence:

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What is the best skin care routine that can help your skin stay at its best and addresses your skin care concern?

It has to do with the way you cleanse, nourish and protect (its not what you think) your skin. The process of caring for the skin should be done in an orderly sequence and consistently. Human skin hasn’t changed. Yet, skin care products and fads have come and gone through the ages. Unless the underlying cause of the skin issues are addressed, they keep appearing. And this keeps you in the never ending journey of trying skin care solutions, products and one fad after another.

Which is probably why you are visiting our website – because your current skin care solution isn’t giving you the results you want.


Everything begins with a proper cleanse. The cleansing process should not irritate or harm the skin and include the removal (exfoliation) of dead dead skin cells on a daily basis. There should be a double cleansing – first to remove excess dirt, soil/sebum our skin excretes, any make up or lotion on the skin, and soften any dry dead skin cells for ease of their removal. Once the skin is gently cleansed bare, then the skin can be properly cleansed. The second cleanse lifts up any remaining dead skin cells for removal and helps reduce excess bacterial growth on the skin.


Nourishment is applied after the skin is cleansed properly. If the skin is not cleansed bare any nourishment applied to the skin can’t be efficiently absorbed. Nutrients such as essential fatty acids, amino acids (oligo peptides), vitamins must be in sufficient amount with in the formulation and in a form  and delivery so that that skin can use them, without being oily and yet, hydrating. The nourishing step should also be applied in layers (layering) for increased hydration and improved nourishment.


Protection of the skin is about maintaining its barrier function, which means, it needs to heal and recover from daily exposure to the elements and to changes that occur on the skin’s acid mantle throughout the day (one reason why sleep is important for the skin). Also, the protection comes from creating a non-comedogenic protective layer – a protective emulsion – created by layering the nourishing and protective skin care steps in sequence.

Great Skin Care Routine:

As the skin’s system functions differently during the day and night, the skin care routine needs to be repeated at least twice daily, consistently (with patience) to work with the skin’s natural processes.

During active periods during the day, the skin will work actively to adjust in changing ambient temperature and its acid mantle (skin’s microbiome) will undergo changes with the build up of sebum and interaction with any make-up that is on the skin.

During the sleep cycle, the skin works to repair and renew, including the shedding of its dead skin cells.

Characteristics of a Great Skin Care Routine: Proven Consistent Results

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